How to select perfect domain name for your business

Whether you own a small or big business a domain name is something that you need to select perfect domain name for your business. Your domain name should be memorable and make an impact on your customers or new users. It will help you to create your brand and stand out in the market. A domain name is your online identity by which you get to be known on the Internet.
While you select your domain name you might get multiple extension choices as well. Domain name extensions act as a zip code if the domain name itself is your address. The domain extension gives little information about your business. Let’s say for example if you have a extension then it tells your customers that your business resides in South Africa.
There are lots of domain extensions available on the internet like .com .net .in .org .online .store . live .blog .global .tech .biz .io. Every domain extension has its own meaning

Top 10 Tips

1. Choose easy to type a domain name

Try not using slang like “Xpress” instead of “express” while choosing a domain name. This might confuse your users to find your business easily. Select something which can be easily typed.